Ratan K. Banik, MD, PhD

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Book chapters 

2. Banik, R. (2017). Chronic Pain Assessment 1 Basic Quiz Week 1. Anesthesia Education Toolbox:     https://collectedmed.com/index.php/article/article/article_display/14/6482  Published 12/07/2017

1. Banik R.K., Berger J.S. (2015) Peripheral Vasodilators. In: Kaye A., Kaye A., Urman R. (eds) Essentials of Pharmacology for Anesthesia, Pain Medicine, and Critical Care. Springer, New York, NY. pdf link

Peer reviewed publications

24. Kaliappan, S, Simone, DA, Banik, RKNonlinear Inverted-U Shaped Relationship between Aging and Epidermal Innervation in the Rat Plantar Hind Paw: a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy Study.  2018 Apr 13. pii: S1526-5900(18)30141-X. pdf link

23. Kabadi RA, Kouya PF, Banik RK, Spontaneous pain like behaviors are more sensitive to opioids and anti-NGF than mechanically evoked behaviors in a rat model of acute postoperative pain, Anesthesia Analgesia, 2015 Feb;120(2):472-8. pdf link

22. Kouya PF, Iqbal Z, Charen D, Shah M, Banik RK. Evaluation of anxiety-like behaviours in a rat model of acute postoperative pain, Eur J Anaesthesiol 2014; 31:1–6. pdf link

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pdf link

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pdf link

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pdf link

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pdf link

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pdf link

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pdf link

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pdf link

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